project and construction management


The first PRADA store in the famous P.C. Hooftstraat in Amsterdam. Among other things, 20 new poles were required for this renovation. The contractor had to break through 3 buildings. Properties that all date back from the end of the 19th century (.) The famous black and white marble floor was laid by one of the best "marmisti" in Italy. He also prepared the absolute best espresso we ever drank.

design - project management


Very proud of the then (now?) highest office location in the Netherlands. Working on the 42nd floor gave a extra dimension to this project for all involved. With wind force 10 you could feel the building moving.. Many RSA staff didn't work the day of handover. Enjoying the view, with the just received binoculars, was more fun.

project and construction management


We were assigned to completely renovate this beautiful building on the fantastic Koningsallee. The beautiful corner location gave the necessary challenges because of the constant flow of residents, tourists and other users of this powerful building. The owner living above the shop caused for extra attention ...

design - project management


In addition to the English RSA (Royal Sun Alliance), we also realized other projects in this powerful tower on the Maas. We designed and realized the complete project for the American company OXBOW COAL, the French company SCHLUMBERGER and the Russian oil company LUKOIL.

project - construction management


In the Designer Outlet Roermond of the English company McArthurGlen we were allowed to expand the existing store. The challenge was the fact that the work had to be done at night and during the day nothing could be seen or be noticeable about the renovation. The store has not been closed for a minute. Just a few minutes after (re) opening, the customers were already in rows in front of the new (second) entrance.

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design - project management


In this beautiful Amsterdam street, built around 1900,  we realized the new flagg ship store for Filippa K. A complete interior demolition was needed. During the renovation we found several original building elements. The narrow street, the narrow sidewalk and the city tram made deliveries quite the challange. Also the fact that the building owner lived in the adjacent building made us even more sharp..

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study - permit process


Together with Laura Alvarez Architecture we worked out this idea. We presented this idea to all shop managers in the P.C. Hooftstraat and even discussed the plans with the nearby school and several residents. Despite the fact that all parties involved (like Economic Affairs, Urban Development) were very enthousiastic it did not come to a full permit. Unfortunate..